Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vodka+friends==wasted +fun

never land
still dreaming of being there
having it all
dont seem to mind the downfall
tragic smiles plastic memories
got a foot in doors

flame shots,
they have put me in the mood
and women eyes,
all the things they make me think about
sex and car crashes
windows fog over and over in a mans life

warm night
games of UNO cards,Vodka on the rocks
a chill across my skin
smoking my cigarettes
at this moment
nothing seems more beautiful
than what i have
and it stretches on
theres nothing left to do but burn the skys


mayz said...

ah now i get wat u meant :P
cheers bro!!!

Anonymous said...

The Vodka talk last night turned into an awesome post! loved it! Friends + liquor= lifetime of memories

Lena said...

does it mean friends without vodka are no fun?

oo7 said...

@ mayz

oo7 said...

@ NE

bang on target..

take care

oo7 said...

@ Lena

nope,hanging with friends is mostly fun
but when u are high..the things that you don't normally talk about does come in open and that is so so much fun

take care dear

Liza said...

nice one! conversations get deeper with vodka :D

Life's sweets and spices

oo7 said...

@ Liza

they sure do ;D

take care miss

The Seeker said...

Yeah! I know what u mean! when on high!!!!

rabbit said...

@ the seeker

:) thanx mate

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