Thursday, January 15, 2009

as he sleeps

the guy who invented rains
who met all the drops,
and remembered their names
lived in the monsoon

clusters of gems and crystals
snatched from above,
floated in his drink
a place where it rained
the dream he had
all drowned straight to the bottom.

Now as he sleeps
there's rain on his lips
he tosses and turns'
crystals poke at every inch
gems blind his closed eyes
old scars are,still felt every night


joiedevivre said...

its all gona b fine..
hamesha ke tarah yeh bhi bohot aachi likhi hai..
it even rhymes..
mere poem kabhi nai karte

Lena said...

beautiful expression... gives really sad feeling though. You are true to yourself, rainboy, arent you? :)

Phoenix said...

wow you're back!! what a post to come back with!!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Good to see you writing again Bro!

Nice verse :)

How do we know said...

lovely! And u r a piscean? Super. when is ur bday?

MysLykeMeeh said...

Hmn..I wanna meet that guy who invented rains...I want to tell him to stop raining on you, instead rain on me too coz' I'm so damn tired about this freakin' snow! --lolzz! (Just kidding)

Seriously..that was way 'too nice'...yet, there's still evidence of the wound from the past! ....


In every last lines such as: lived in the monsoon; all drowned straight to the bottom; and esp. old scars are, still felt every night ...concluded the feelings of the poet--!

The real beauty of gems can be seen through... with an open eye!

Keshi said...

TY for stopping by my blog!

WOW I love this verse...I got all teary reading this. Did u write it?

btw d u play the guitar? I love guitars.


Beach Bum said...

I am seriously dumb, just found your new site. Glad to have you back. I will add this one to my bloglist tomorrow.

rain girl said...

muuahhh ... *hugs*

beautiful words, as always. you outdo yourself each time. but your thoughts are still a chaos, are they not?

Shoe Girl said...

the second innings are laden with even better words..
lesser..but express so much more..
it never stops raining on u...does it?


mayz said...

d pain is still thr bro...come man...i kno its tough...but i dont think u r tryin...cant c u like this bro...come on smile :)

oo7 said...

@ joiedevivre

thank you ji

ki haal chaal

oo7 said...

@ lena

always have been dear

take care n hugs

oo7 said...

@ phoenix
thank you ..yeah ji me is back as long as i have time.

take care n hugs

@ sameera

thank you sis

take care n hugs

oo7 said...

@ how do we know

thanks ji.
nahi ji i am an Arian.Born on 3rd of april!

@ MysLykesMeeh

come here have been invited :)
Snow..have been under snowfall once in my life.Must be so much fun.

sometimes the real beauty can't been seen with eyes.

take care n hugs

Oxy said...

Wow, very nice bhai.. ye padh ke toh koi bhi pat jayegi.. ;)

P.S. Naya Saal, Naya Blog.. Mubarakaan

oo7 said...

@ Keshi

no need to thank miss.
It's a pleasure to read you.

well,this verse was just another reminder of rains.
'rainboy' does come back now and then.

did learn guitar for 4 days..after that i never had the time.Maybe in feb i start again.

take care n hugs

oo7 said...

@ Beach Bum

hey buddy,

how have you been.
nice to see you here.
blogroll..thanks mate

oo7 said...

@ raingirl

thank you sis

itni tareef mat kiya ker
i am not worth it....

i don't even know for how long i will keep writing.I think in training i will not get time to post. :(

anyways sis
take care n hugs

oo7 said...

@ shoe girl

thank you thaNk you :)

i live in rainville remember??

tc miss

oo7 said...

@ mayz

bro bas aise hi college se aate waqt bas mein likh diya tha.

99% ok hoon... :D


oo7 said...

@ Oxy

hehe ..kya baat hai big B ..lolz
aapke muh mein ghee shakkar, pastry,chocolates,muffins and a lots of vodka..

goa chalo kisi time

Oxy said...

Oye Bhai, I hate chocolates, n muffins, n ghee n shakkar.. but Vodka add karke tune apne aapko bacha liya.. else.. Vodka to u too.. CHEERS!!!

P.S.Chalo chalte hain.. pracs khatam karo pehle janaab.. vaise March end se pehle mera kahin ka scene nahi ban sakta.. uske baad lets jam up in Goa.

oo7 said...

@ oxy

i hate all that but chocolates..i can't do without them.

Vodka as u know a fav..

bas last one on 18th phir to azaadi hai.
Sure bro me too will be busy till june now..after that we make a plan.

tc big B

Liza said...

hi! i have added this my friend :D

Life's sweets and spices

Anonymous said...

It gets so much better! I had to learn about the pain also!

Nice one here!!


oo7 said...


thank you dear..thanks a ton.

oo7 said...

@ NE

thanks miss..

it will i hope so too... :)

The Seeker said...

A smile with tears running down my cheeks, I read it... Glad that it rained and glad that you wrote..

oo7 said...

@ the seeker

it will keep raining :)
thanks bro thanks a ton

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