Saturday, July 18, 2009

the empty ghost

walking the jagged path
of the thousand lines
he wrote,
still he can't let it go

treasure was...
her eyes blinking

still drinking from the dried fountain
the empty ghost
carrying me off to dreams
thrown away

his heart aches
blurred visions from a beautiful past
worn down to the bone
making him burn
a b/w timeline
visions without colors
stimulate him...
holding back and choking
like a bubble
he will burst one day

scared of sitting still
but not afraid to run
rising up from the dust
in instants
and out of time

he knows without knowing
what it's like
being loved and becoming one

he wishes he could be one of the lucky ones...

I've cried more in the past day (no worries, it's welcome) than I have this whole past year.....

...just thought ya should know,
considering we would never meet each other.

Someone please set my soul kitten free...

It was supposed to be more
Wherever you are
There's far too much of me still in there.

Friday, July 10, 2009

happy Birthday Ne

they say that in
the begining, there were angels
and i am lucky enough to know the best one
secret and holy
some unseen treasure
this one is for NE,yes you girl with 2 kicks to you bums(lol)...

keep this smiles wide always
through all trials
through every fall or stumble
and become Starbright

show them all what it's like
to smile like you mean it
when it's hard to stand and fight
to hold your head above the water
to truly feel the light :D

HAppy HAPPy B'day to you dear friend and trust me i know it's a full moon out tonight :D

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