Saturday, February 21, 2009


everyday is like sharing a chocolate ;D
you don't like it
but you pretend you do
just to make them happy

Saturday, February 14, 2009

in the running

scared and hiding
from my fears
from thoughts of her
from myself
and happiness surrounding me

its getting harder to suspend
this little dream
Today on V-day i wanted to call again
to satisfy the urge
and push a little closer to the edge

no winds of change
or great demise
could keep the dogs from chasing
down the ones too quick to cry
with leather skin and colder eyes
i could have called you love
and smiled as i watch it die

one day all will be diff
one day,my dream-girl would find me :D

Life has been busy last few days
waking at 6 and catching the bus
walking to my 8 o'clock training
on my way i have made some friends
there's the breeze in the trees
the lights at the crossroads
the familiar faces in the bus
but still i feel incomplete....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what's it's like

Somewhat Like the rainbows that ride the haze

Somewhat Like the well-groomed bride dressed to rule the hearts

Somewhat Like the harmonious sound,lost and found

Somewhat Like a heavenly place and rattle of temple bells

That’s what its like
That's what it was like.

maybe i should fall in love with ghosts :(

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