Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what's it's like

Somewhat Like the rainbows that ride the haze

Somewhat Like the well-groomed bride dressed to rule the hearts

Somewhat Like the harmonious sound,lost and found

Somewhat Like a heavenly place and rattle of temple bells

That’s what its like
That's what it was like.

maybe i should fall in love with ghosts :(


Cess said...

non sense, not all the women are like that don t worry sweetie :P
Keep looking

joiedevivre said...

hehe fallin for ghost..
chup kar..dnt wry yaarr..u'l get someone

MysLykeMeeh said...

Oh boy! holy holy ---may the real ghost of someone better than the previous one would come along and save you from this intoxicating ----memories!

and may you open your eyes that ghost are scary!---lolzz!

Anonymous said...

V! UMMMM! Damn, I am so not knowing what to say! You are gonna get that WOMAN Not girl That is gonna knock you off your feet and do well by you forever!

Hold on just a little bit longer!!


mayz said...

u call urself mah clone n u still stuck on one girl???

chandramukhi ho ya paaro ki farak painda hai yaaron!!!!

rain girl said...

don't do that. am scared of ghosts! :(

Oxy said...

With ghost???

Not a bad choice AT ALL... honeymoon kahan hoga shaadi ke baad? Kabristan me??:):)

Anonymous said...

Ahem, Ahem... Mr.Mayz...
It takes some longer to get over a person!! LOL!!!

Take your time V, but hurry up at the same time.. I think I am going to have to send Chan over

See ya V!


oo7 said...

@ Cess

:) lookin...

oo7 said...

@ joie

;D I tried google and still no-one :(


oo7 said...

@ mysLykesMeeh

i hope she finds me soon.
this boy is living a ghosty life now

if ghost are scary then y do i like



oo7 said...

@ NE

it's all about HOPE
this hope i have dangles on a string,like slow spinning redemption,winding in and winding out.

srry NE i don't even know what i am supposed to do.

oo7 said...

@ mayz

i guess i don't let go easily...

tc bhai


oo7 said...

@ rain girl

i don't know what 2 say sis
thank you for today dear

i am not scared of these things..there's a +ve side of everything ..ain't it true.


oo7 said...

@ oxy


pehle shaadi ho jaye then we will decide..lolz

take care Big B

oo7 said...

@ NE

he's right Ne
it's been too long...
i am stuck on her

say hi to side order ;D

MysLykeMeeh said...

@007: hey u have to find her and how can u find her when u r stuck to just a one girl?

Holy, holy--oh boy! Not all ghosts are look like Casper---!

oo7 said...

i am going to let the curtains faLL on this play soon

yeeah not all are like CAsper !

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