Saturday, February 14, 2009

in the running

scared and hiding
from my fears
from thoughts of her
from myself
and happiness surrounding me

its getting harder to suspend
this little dream
Today on V-day i wanted to call again
to satisfy the urge
and push a little closer to the edge

no winds of change
or great demise
could keep the dogs from chasing
down the ones too quick to cry
with leather skin and colder eyes
i could have called you love
and smiled as i watch it die

one day all will be diff
one day,my dream-girl would find me :D

Life has been busy last few days
waking at 6 and catching the bus
walking to my 8 o'clock training
on my way i have made some friends
there's the breeze in the trees
the lights at the crossroads
the familiar faces in the bus
but still i feel incomplete....


Oxy said...

Dev.D ka asar???

Life Is Beautiful... Chill Mere Bhai.

Anonymous said...

Life is going to lead you right were you need to be. You will only look back at the times you were sadden as just a learning tool and memories that you can look back on!!

Have a great time!!!


Beach Bum said...

...Today on V-day i wanted to call again
to satisfy the urge...

I don't know if this fits but I did the same one time. I was crazy about this girl in high school and wanted to call her. But I never did but years later I see her again on a visit to my hometown. It was then I learned that she had a crush on me at the same time. Despite the time that had passed I still wanted to kick myself over the missed chance.

Cess said...

great poem sweetie as usual, and I even understand the entire poem this time :P
PS: pass by and collect ur Valentine s award babs

mayz said...

nxt time u get that feelin call me...i'll help tk ur mind in a different direction...

joiedevivre said...

khush raha kar body builder

oo7 said...

@ Oxy
Big B

hehe yeah a bit
life is so low today :(

chilled to the bone,wrapped in myself...

oo7 said...

@ NE

i don't like the idea of being not in control.I want to shape my life myself.I am trying and i will do it.

but these are experiences that is true.WIll make me smarter and better ..i hope so..

take care

oo7 said...

@ Beach Bum

i didn't mis the chance bro...i let her know..and i did call her today too..but it made it even worse for me .

oo7 said...

@ Cess

thank you
and u understood it :D
award..ohh..thanks again will be over there soon.


oo7 said...

@ mayz

i think i should have called you
this stupid bro of yours did it again

tc bro

oo7 said...

@ joie

i try to dear,but i just can't

it's complicated..very few will understand.

tc bullu aunty

Towards reclamation said...

is there ,
A moment with you for me..
A drop of love in you for me...
A thought in you about me..
A glimpse of how life could be with me ...

Is there a ray of hope for our love to be... complete ...
I will be here.. waiting for you, holding my breath, dreaming of you , smelling your fragrance through the air .. for my love, there is a lifetime for you, with me ....


it's time you joined me bro .. it's time you had your renaissance ...

Towards reclamation said...

btw ... wanna be co-poet ???

MysLykeMeeh said...

face it and don't hide from ur fears, vanish the thoughts that reminds u of her to be able to start again and soon happiness will sway----

You're still dreaming of someone who made u like this....? C'mon ---!

I really wanna face u right now and kick ur butt! lol!---i thought ur High Five was sincere! but nah---ur blog explained the rest!

Geezz..geez...i think she's the beauty of ur dreams---! and geezz....u have to find ur dream girl bro---U r the Man-! or may be both of u find each other----and u will meet in the street---haha!

Anyway, take care----

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Yes,one day your dream girl will find you indeed.Just hang in there till then! :)

TC Bro.


oo7 said...

@ sid

lovely bro...

me want to join you! would be great.
accepted Brother.
take care

oo7 said...

@ sameera

soon very soon :D

take care sis

Anand said...

Vday concept is good u know..but has more negatives in India than +ves.
Sad case. Wot to do, we r like this only. Lol.

Btw, remember little Mary that had a little Lamb?? Well,She's a big girl now. Come over to my blog and check out wot she's up to lately. I'm sure u'd enjoy this. :-)

Calvy said...

the past is like a gaping hole brother...the only purpose is serves is when we use it to learn from our experiences..delve in to the bittersweet memories but don't let it run a chaos in your cerebrum! ...and always remember....even this shall pass away:)

And do remind me of my words once in a while,I am afraid if I myself practice what I preach... :)

oo7 said...

@ anand

yeps u r right bro.
Someday i hope we will change.

oh sure...coming over...

oo7 said...

@ CAlvy

thanx a ton bro...
i will make sure i keep reminding you. :D

take care

Liza said...

This is another beautiful poem from you. I know, hehe I always say that but it's true, I love your poems! :D

Life's sweets and spices

oo7 said...

@ liza

thank you...

you always praise me..i love that..


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