Friday, July 10, 2009

happy Birthday Ne

they say that in
the begining, there were angels
and i am lucky enough to know the best one
secret and holy
some unseen treasure
this one is for NE,yes you girl with 2 kicks to you bums(lol)...

keep this smiles wide always
through all trials
through every fall or stumble
and become Starbright

show them all what it's like
to smile like you mean it
when it's hard to stand and fight
to hold your head above the water
to truly feel the light :D

HAppy HAPPy B'day to you dear friend and trust me i know it's a full moon out tonight :D


Mayz said...

happy birthday hannah :D :D

n d moon is out for ya every night :)

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwww V, this is a lovely Birthday Greeting for me! I would say thanks but you will not let me! lol

So I will give you a big (((((((V))))))) and let you know this meant a lot!


ps. Yes the moon is always out and I LOVE IT!!! lol

d gypsy! said...

happy bday to her...

Beach Bum said...

Happy birthday to her! You all have a good time. Floating on the water gazing at the full moon is almost a spiritual sight, done it several times.

AD said...

wow. lucky friend :)

Happy Happy Birthday :) belated now!

have the best of teh best birthday honey! and that means forever. every day!

divsi said...

:) u made her day...didnt u? wat-a-way to wish!:)

joiedevivre said...

belated bday wishes

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