Saturday, January 17, 2009


Where have u gone?
what did i do wrong...
you don't pick my calls
have u forgotten me..
kya sach mein
u forgot?
we were something..
did u knew or not...?
i was always there for you
maybe i am still
and maybe you weren't looking

I feel bad about that
saala me stupid love you
still do...
don't know why i am scared of facing you

our chronicle
is full of
stupid hopes
bad timing
all me

great friends
terrible lovers

but were good for eachother
now i can't get a girl
as i try to find u in all

someday i will love the world
just as much as you
one day i will rule the world
the mansions,the ferrari,the peace
but still
i know it would be empty
If I couldn't share my joys with you
unlucky me
the star that i wanted was you..


joiedevivre said...

Innocent bewakoof

mayz said...

gum ka saathi rum!!! :)

bhai bhool ja...thr r so many waitin for u...kyun kar raha hai yaar...cant c u like this

Cess said...

it was beautiful, well i did nor understand the part in hindi, but still, damn if one day u meet someone else and u love her as much no just a half of the love u had for the first one, she will be one of the luckiest girl if not the luckiest
tc cutie

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I would love to echo Joie! :P

You will rule the world no doubt,and share it with your Queen who will rule alongside :)

Anonymous said...

MY GOSH!! You are like Shit I dunno.. I felt all of this..

There is always that one that gives you pain and joy, love and they are always going to be in the back of your mind! Forever!

But eventually like I have said before, It get better and you start bouncing back again.. but they (memories) remain as a good teacher!

I hope I got the right interpretation. or did I make my own?!


MysLykeMeeh said...


sometimes love is very stubborn ---like u? (lolzz)

and sometimes--u need a bleach to brush off the stain...

sometimes--u need someone who will wipe away all those feelings inside ur brain...

and sometimes..u need a kick to make awaken...(lolzz)!

anywayzz..that was so emotional! and as everybody will seem to say...

Have a little mercy for yourself! tc---

the spool artist said...

a very poignant poem... i especially love the line "great friends, but terrible lovers" which is utterly true in so many ways with friends who have gone deeper with their friendships...

Lena said...

could be made as a great song.. so full of emotions :)

take care :)

rain girl said...

as always, very raw, very true n beautiful...

love it brother. but get over it.

oo7 said...

@ joiedevivre

thank you dear :)

oo7 said...

@ mayz

...and whisky and vodka ;D

are i wrote this a long time ago in my diary.
just opened a random page and wrote it here.

don't worry..i do miss her.but i am ok with it.hota hai chalta hai..

you can'e have everything...

hugs bro

oo7 said...

@ cess

amen to that...

thanks a ton dear

tc and hugs

oo7 said...

@ sameera

i hope she finds me in time.

thanks sis

this means a lot

take care and hugs

oo7 said...

@ NE

read my reply to mayz :)

you are absolutely right.
totally agree..

take care and huGs

oo7 said...

@ MysLykesMeeh

stubborn me//haha

read my reaply to mayz plz.

Right now..this old, familiar buzz of vodka is coursing through my veins and I am listening to Type O Negative after a long, long time.So me having a ton of fun you see.

tc and hugs lady

oo7 said...

@ the spool artist

hey man,
thanx for dropping by.

yeah,but i have seen some successful ones too.

tc and hugs

oo7 said...

@ lena

hope it does become one...
and earn me millions :D

tc and hugs

oo7 said...

@ raingirl


i wrote it a few months back..just posted it now.

anyways thanx for dropping by sis..

tc and hugs

rain girl said...

why grrrrrrrr? :P

The Seeker said...

now i can't get a girl
as i try to find u in all

I know, what it means, as you walk down your life, u search the girl you missed and try to see her in every other girl walking by!!!

The pain....

And you take care bro...

oo7 said...

@ rain girl

your last line...

as i said before..i wrote it a long long time ago..

oo7 said...

@ the seeker

you felt me there bro


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