Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Someone loves the cold
someone have mixed feelings.
shivering and pallor of skin
The stings of the chills
and though the fog
looks pretty in the morning,
it turns you blind
and I always slip on the ice.
It's all the same in the rain
It's all instant copy
Total deja vu
Lights glisten for the fog
to find itself
How else is a fog
to find itself
in all this fog?


mayz said...

samajh nahi aaya bhai :(

Lena said...

why is the fog lost in fog? :(

joiedevivre said...

tunned uo with the winters now

joiedevivre said...


rain girl said...

ah! i like this one.. and i understood it :P

The Seeker said...

I feel like I understood, A fog in my mind now...

oo7 said...

@ mayz

not that hard bro...

@ lena

even the fog can't answer that.

@ joie

yeha ji
as long they are here :)

@ rain girl

i knew you would sis

@ the seeker

got it.. :D
it was meant to effect readers like that !!

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