Wednesday, January 21, 2009

dreams of..

dreams of bars
and fast cars
the cash and mob-wars
dreams of Vodka shots
on the rocks
the betrayals,cute scars
dreams of running away
me & my lover
flying like eagles
into the stars
dreams of an avatar
gleaming and sheeny
dreams of dreams


The Seeker said...

And dreams of the life lived, those best days, The dreams of million untold dreams, broken and shattered dreams, Dreaded dreams, dreams of life half-lived, dreams of the un-lived life, dreams of the life to be lived... Dreams of her, and the dreams to be dreamed...

A million dreams and One life, so Unfair, yet living a fair life...

rain girl said...

yeh vodka shots band kar :P i am scared grrrrr...

ABHISHEK SiM said...

dangerous and thrilling. satisfying. surreal real.


mayz said...

cheers to those vodka shots bro :)

MysLykeMeeh said...

Are you dreaming of Las Vegas?


How do we know said...

aah.. these are the kind of dreams that are more realistic.

oo7 said...

@ The seeeker

nicely written bro
dreams give us hope too..

oo7 said...

@ rain girl

a temp thing dear...
a guy thing lolz

no need to worry ..i have to have some fun here yar


oo7 said...

@ Abhishek

thanks you bro

thanx a ton :)

oo7 said...

@ mayz

cheers man
bottoms up

take care

oo7 said...

@ MysLykesMeeh

nope but someplace similar

oo7 said...

@ How do we know

it will take a decade at least to turn them into reality.

take care

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