Sunday, June 7, 2009

sweetest drop

The smallest and sweetest drop
On the very top
As breeze greets hair on beach

we propel through time
Inside an original Possessing calcareous shell swirled
embracing the consequence
That notify each adjacent instant

The sweetest drop blown off the top
Hits the dust and
Becomes callous and rugged
losing itself for the pleasures of the earth

I think i know
have figured it out at last
Forgiving others helps in forgives yourself
It’s worldwide floral, honey aroma.
Nor mine
Nor yours
it's Ours

Blowing off the very top
The sweetest drop turns warm and callous
Then fragmenting collapsing dissolving evaporating
Back into the cycle again and
Here we go again!


Mahesh Sindbandge said...


The feelings with respect to rain are beautifully portrayed....


rabbit said...

@ Mahesh

hey thr...

thank you man


Beach Bum said...

...Forgiving others helps in forgives yourself...

I really like that line, its very true but often the hardest thing in the world for someone to do. I speak from experience because I'm trying to do it even now for several reasons.

Cinderella. said...

Wonderful !!

I loved the way you repeated the !st line in every stanza, making it echo your theme throughout.

**The sweetest drop blown off the top
Hits the dust and
Becomes callous and rugged
losing itself for the pleasures of the earth**

Beautiful !!

Vee said...

Lovely.... U r so in love.. saaf pata chalta hai.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok some say I am a 'nit picker' but I only do so when I think there is something worthy of 'nit picking' Because I believe every 'baby' should reach their full potential.
The placement of 'caps' needs to be thought about IMHO.
The use of little i I would personally change to capital I.
'Forgiving others helps (to) forgive yourself' or 'Forgiving others helps in the forgiving of oneself'
I am liking this though, you. Otherwise I would not have bothered, hey?
BTW Do not apologise for leaving such beautiful words of yours on my baby.Thanks, you.

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Made me smile.


d gypsy! said...

a beautiful portrayal of rain... the joys and sorrows that comes with it...

nice one in all

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

that was sweet. :)

3rd stanza was wowwwwww :)

Anonymous said...

B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L :)

rabbit said...

@ BB

I agree mate it's the hardest.But it gives u freedom

tc bro

rabbit said...

@ Cindy

thank you sis
thanks a ton


take care

rabbit said...


hehe BIG B, if u say so.

take care bhaiya

rabbit said...

@ SarahA

points taken and noted! Hopefully next time I do good.

tc and have a nice day

rabbit said...

@ Luscious Sealed Lips

this made me smile too


rabbit said...

@ d gypsy!

thank you! Rains are the reason that i am here.

tc n hugs

rabbit said...

@ Preetilata

thank you for letting me know,thanks a ton



rabbit said...

@ Miss Kido

Welcome here

and thanx a ton kiddo.


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