Saturday, October 17, 2009


waters are thick ,
i am swimming through .
lost in life and all ,
and mansions made by hand of mind .

Which is greater the need for more or lack of satisfaction ??


runnerfrog said...

By chance or talent, this is very, very well written. All about the power of illusion, including the question. Tricky and well placed question; none is greater, those are the two faces of Janus, an illusion. Coincidentally, Janus was the "god of gates", who was given this "gift" of seeing past and future. And the past and the future are irrelevant. Breaking the illusion of Janus is the gate to another personal or social world.

VickY said...

@ runnerfrog

thanks bro .. u got this the way it was meant to be.

like the answer :) gr8 way .

tc bro

Mys Lyke Meeh said...

You left no choice for people who are content in life!

Hmnn...however, well-written dude!

divsi said...

illusioned confusion aint it?:)
well put buddy!
the need for more or lack of!! :)

runnerfrog said...

I like your two blogs with poetry and personal declarations.

VickY said...

@ Mys Lyke Meeh

where are you??

no news ...?

VickY said...

@ divsi

thank you ji

i guess my mind is asking me a lot of questions these days.

VickY said...

@ runnerfrog

thank you bro...
i know that...and i appreciate it.

thanks for being here.

Beach Bum said...

At least from my observations about my own life I have been responsible for being lost in life. If I could go back and do it again I would definitely alter course on several things.

As for satisfaction I think there is a greater need for less of it in the sense that for Americans that is all we think about, and to Hell with anyone else.

VickY said...

@ beach bum

i wish i could also go back bro and make it all right... :) .

yeah americans have that approach :)

tc n hugs bro

man in painting said...

Nice one..
well written

[V] said...

@ man in painting

Welcome here
and thanks for liking


suruchi said...

Hi Rainboy...
So much sense spoken in so few I envy you for being able to do this...:-)

The question at the end keeps us all in circles, doesn't it?:-)
Very thought provoking...:-)

rainboy said...

@ Suruchi ::

Thank you for visiting :D .
Don't envy's a pleasure to have reader like you.

Yes,Food for thought ;D

take care

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