Thursday, May 7, 2009


woke up scared
dreams about her & him
memories come back to haunt again
6:30 on the clock

instants of fragileness see me full of life
now I know
That I am the ability lacked
the love lost
which was never found


Anonymous said...

Love is like a butterfly, the more you chase such, the more she will elude you. If you sit patiently she will come rest on your shoulder.
The love lost was never ment to be and there is something far more waiting round the corner.
My take on ths thing called 'love'
If this was my baby (which I know she is not) I would be inclined to change the 'n' to 'and' 'dreams about her and him'
I am not so fond of little 'i' in Poetry but here I think it works.
Heartfelt words, you.

oo7 said...

You are right in love we get weak,
In weakness we create distinctions, then deem that our puny boundaries are things

which we perceive, and not which we have made.

Mayz said...

her n him??

oo7 said...

she still lingers ...
he can't erase her aroma off his skin

Anonymous said...

Don't ever be scared to carry those memories around with you. They are meant to help you learn and to teach lessons. You loved her there is no reason to just let them disappear.

Remember what you said to me, They will fade, (but they will not completely disappear, they will be replaced with other memories, that is good and will make you smile a lifetime.


joiedevivre said...

is someone going back way to the road?

Shoe Girl said...

it lingers.... memory like a lsting fragrance...

comesbas back to him at unexpected times..pain gets magnified...and the illusion that ' move on' had happened...breaks yets again.

I know how it feels...

rabbit said...

@ The EnCHANtress

thank you for reminding me.
bearhugs ;)

rabbit said...

@ joiedevivre

all i can say is that i tried to be honest.

rabbit said...

@ Shoe Girl

hugs dear...

take care

Anonymous said...

ouch.. painful.. :(

ABHISHEK SiM said...

sometimes i run of words or don't know what to say. this is one such moment. very strong lines.

Cяystal said...

Surprisingly I was gonna say something similar to SarahA..

Was the chhota i intentional? if it worked out well!
And bhai..m back!

rabbit said...

@ The Pink orchid

pain help you gain in life sometimes.

rabbit said...

@ crystal

yeah it was... :D

welcome back but i am gone .too busy these days.
tc n hugs

rabbit said...

@ Abhishek sim

that means a lot.
thank you bro

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