Thursday, April 30, 2009

tear will never end, she's a tear that suspends in my heart forever....

its too late...


Creation said...

Good lord!

A heartbreak-y post??

tch tch... I hope everything's alright..

Loved your blog too.. especially the template.. goes so well with the blog title!!


Purekrystal said...

That's beautiful.Just let youself go and tell us what comes to your mind.

rain girl said...

so beautiful...

oo7 said...

@ Creation

welcome here :D

old scars dear...

thank a ton :D
have a nice day

oo7 said...

@ PureKrystal
welcome welcome
thank you :D

i will try my best

tc n have a nice day

oo7 said...

@ raingirl

:D hugs sis

miss you :(

Cinderella. said...

"A tear that suspends in my heart.."

Wow !! Wonderful representation of eternal love Vik.

Not everybody can pick words frm daily life and conjure them together to make the most outta sensitivity like you can.

Loved it.

Diya said...

She moves on and on,
I sit by the bend,clinging the bygone...

Don't despair over whats lost dear, time will heal everything. :)

fms1988 said...

nice one!
& thnks for droppin by at my blog.
Keep visiting

oo7 said...

@ Cindy

thanx sis...

your words always make me smile.
thankx again.
hugs and tc

oo7 said...

@ diya
i know was just a moment of sadness that made me write this.

tc n hugs

oo7 said...

@ fms

ohh sure...i loved your blog.Will be visiting often.

tc n have nice day

Anonymous said...

I really dig this post. Simplicity that is all I am talking about.

Making things simple makes things even more beautiful.


oo7 said...

@ chan
there is a power
in words
only because of that
simple and overused
concept of language


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